09 October 2012

Chess Competition

Josh participated in his very first chess competition on Sunday.  The competition was organized by the PTA and students from the other campuses joined as well.  There were over 80 players, 48 of which were ‘Lower Primary’ (Years 1-4); the rest were ‘Upper Primary’ (Years 5-6).  The Top 10 players in each group would get either a trophy (Top 3) or a medal.




It was a whole day affair, beginning with registration at 8:30am.  Each player played seven rounds, beginning from 9am and ending at 4:30pm.


We all hung around at the school and waited for the tournament to finish.  Zoë was a great sport.  She found ways to entertain herself.  She hula-hooped.  (She’s actually gotten pretty good at it.)




We played a version of Pictionary…




She hopped around like a bunny.




Out of the seven rounds, Josh won four and lost three.  The three games that he’d lost were to the eventual 1st, 4th, and 5th place winners.  Josh placed 14th overall, out of 48.  So, not bad for a first competition.  He was a bit down that he didn’t get to win a medal, but he cheered up a bit when we pointed out that in his year level in his school, he’s actually in the Top 3.


I loved that the PTA organized this and I hope that they will continue to organize more of these.  It was great to see all the families there in support of the children, to see all the children from the different schools compete against each other in such a gracious manner.  In between games, while waiting for the rest to finish, they would go downstairs to the playground and shoot hoops, play soccer together or just hang out together and chat or talk chess.


After the awards ceremony, as we were leaving, one of his friends called out to him, “See you tomorrow!  Let’s play chess during snack time, okay?”



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