16 October 2012

I Wonder

…who writes the blurbs for the Groupon ads.  I get a couple of  their emails in my inbox every day. I actually take time out to open them and scan through for good deals. Mostly, though, I open the emails, because I actually find the blurbs amusing entertainment. Here are a few examples:

“Taking care of one’s skin leads to a steady stream of compliments, just like hanging out with Grandma’s knitting group." – For a package of six lymphatic drainage massages / hot stone treatments.
“Creating a meal from scratch is both challenging and delicious, much like playing "Stairway to Heaven" on a clarinet made out of a candy cane.”   – For a baking class 
“From defeating potato stealing aliens to slicing through particularly solid lumps of cheese, lasers boast a range functional daily uses.”   – For a laser hair removal package
Seriously, who writes these?  Is it just one writer who does them all for all the advertisers?  Or do their pool of writers have to have a certain “style” or humor before they could be considered for the job?


…why some bugs are beautiful in a icky kind of way.  There is no way you can make me touch them, but I will gladly get as close as I can to take pictures of them.  Does that make me weird?


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