23 October 2012

In Love With Instagram

I’ve finally joined civilization.  That’s what my friends tell me.  I now have a smart phone.  They could not believe that the phone I was using was one of those with the 1-9 keypads.

Chris got himself a new phone and I inherited his old one.  I don’t mind a hand-me-down phone.  If it hadn’t been for Chris getting a new phone, I probably would still be hanging on to my old one until it conks out on me or until I lose it.

(A “carving” of Mr. Bean from a phone book –from an exhibit that we saw)

So with a new-ish smart phone, guess what the first app I got was?  After Scramble with Friends and Word with Friends. that is.  I-N-S-T-A-G-R-A-M.  That’s right.

I’ve caught the Instragram bug.  I love it.  I love how fun it is.  I can’t stop playing with it.  Thing is, posting to Facebook is pretty hit-or-miss at the moment.  Sometimes I get to post regular-size pictures; other times the photos come out as thumbnails.

These pictures here?  I had to copy from my own Facebook page.  I still have not figured out to download the Instagram pics to the computer as a jpg file.  Is there any way I could do that?

My friend gave me a Camera Coat.  I love it!

Any other apps –whether or not photography-related, –that you absolutely love that you would recommend that I get?  I’m so late to join the smartphone world that I wholeheartedly welcome guidance from all of you who have gone through several generations of smartphones and are light years ahead already.


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