21 October 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Cozy

1) Cozy – They both get some quiet reading time before going to bed, but they usually do it in their own beds. Zoë, though, had wanted to see what Josh found funny in what he was reading. After she’d read the passage, she just parked herself next to Josh on his bed and continued reading her book. I love seeing the two of them together like this.


2)  Orange – Green jello in hollowed out orange ‘cups.’  Spider thrown in for good measure.


3)  Faceless Portrait


4)  View From the Top – I held the camera above me…


5)  Stacked – The kids had a little pre-Halloween party and they had to hunt for these cute little plastic jack-o’-lanterns and cauldrons all over the place, sort of like an Easter egg hunt, but with a Halloween theme.



Kim C. said...

I love every one of these! The reading shots are wonderful! Isn't that great? Love your jello spider thingies!

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