14 October 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Fingertips

1) Fingertips – Chris came home with some finger puppets for the kids a couple of weeks back and since then, the kids have put together some pretty funny shows for us. They gave each puppet a silly name and came up with some really hilarious story lines.

2) Faithfulness

3)  Water Drops or Water Flowing – I love the way the water “curls” in certain sections.  This was taken in Hong Kong Park.  The kids love to sneak under this curtain and they almost always come out a bit wet.


4)  Then & Now – Looks-wise, Josh doesn’t seem to have changed much.  What has changed is how grown-up he sounds now, the words and phrases that he uses.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is only 7.  Regardless, though, he will always be my baby boy.   I love this little man to bits!


5)  One Item from Sarah’s Fall Bucket List – Trick or Treat.  This is actually part of the Halloween decorations at Disneyland.   We don’t really do trick or treating around here.  The most we do for Halloween is get dressed up and attend the Halloween disco at the kids’ school, which is a really fun annual event.  I’m still struggling with what to wear this year… has to be something shimmery and glittery (the theme).  Any suggestions?

Jack o'lantern (1) 


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