07 October 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Smile

1)  Smile – Zoë was reading when I asked her to put down her book and smile for me, because I needed a photo for my scavenger hunt.  She obliges.  I cannot get enough of this girl’s smile. Her smile? A whole-body smile. Totally lights up my world.


2) Shadow


3)  Spice – I love cardamom.  Anyone has any cardamom recipes to share?


4) Keys – (From the archives).   You’ll need “keys” to open these mailboxes and get your mail.


5) Unedited – Apart from adding a watermark, this picture below of the turtles is unedited.  This was taken at Hong Kong Park earlier this week.  There was a waterfall on the opposite side, but nothing of note, nothing that these turtles do not see every day, so it’s kind of curious what they were all looking at.



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