12 October 2012

The Creativity Project | The Dark Side

“In danger of going over to the Dark Side you are, if you do not listen to your parents.”
We say this to Josh, who’s big into Star Wars.
He rolls his eyes at how corny we get.

In keeping with The Creativity Project’s theme for this month, all of the pictures here are in black and white, with mostly darker tones.   Some of these were taken during The Lion King show at Disneyland.    We always take in this show whenever we’re there.  Always. Even though we have seen it so many times, we still thoroughly enjoy it each and every time.

This lady was the narrator and had the most beautiful, full-bodied voice.

The theater was dark, but there were all these spotlights on the performers.


Zoë was a bit scared of Scar, Simba’s uncle.  She was pretty much snuggling close to my husband and hiding her face during the angry, fighting parts.


The cast, as always, was amazing.  We saw plenty of new faces, but also some more familiar ones.  I guess cast members move on to other gigs and new ones join.  No matter, though, the production is always top-notch.


The whole Disneyland has geared up for Halloween.  Jack-o’-lanterns, witches’ hats, and spider webs everywhere.  The stickers that they hand out to the kids? Halloween-themed, of course.  They even have a mock cemetery with The Grim Reaper standing guard over the tombstones.


Just throwing this in for good measure… the picture below was taken during one of my photo walks with my friend.  I’ve long wanted, but was always apprehensive, to get a shot of these delivery guys who sport LOTS of body ink and almost always seem to go shirtless to show them off.   (Shameless request:  I’d also entered this for the My Hong Kong Photo Contest.  Would love to have your vote… http://bit.ly/PFN1xE, if you like it.  You just have to click on the link and click on “Vote.”   Thanks!)


Please go on and drop by Sharon’s blog (The Covert Lens) and check out her “The Dark Side” photos.


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