13 November 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness | Day 13

After dinner, Josh announced, “Hey, let’s play Spin the Bottle.”  I asked him if he knows how it’s played and where he heard about it.   Josh told me that he read about it in a book and that you spin a bottle and you kiss whomever the bottle’s pointing to.  Innocent enough.


I figured it would be interesting to see how it would play out.  This could be cute, I thought.  I scooted off my chair and down onto the floor next to him.  Zoë, never one to be left out, joined us, of course.  Josh grabbed a pen and said that we would have to make do and spin that instead.  Okay.

I’d lost count of how many rounds we played; there were only the three of us.  Suffice it to say, though, that there were LOTS of kisses going around.  Zoë, ever generous, gives a kiss and a hug whenever it’s her turn to kiss.   The game ended with both of them somehow on my lap; I had my arms around each one of them and we’re all hugging and kissing and giggling.

Such a simple, simple game and it brought smiles and warm fuzzy feelings all around.  

Today I am thankful for hugs and kisses from my two kiddies.


Bunch of Barrons said...

That shot is too cute!

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