21 November 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness | Day 21

Christmas will soon be here,  You know how I know that?  The kids remind me about it often.  We finally have our tree out.  Because the kids kept asking and asking.  This year, I take no credit at all for decorating the tree.  It was all Josh and Zoë.

They took it upon themselves to put together a Christmas wish list.  When they presented it to me, I could barely bite back outright laughter.  Here is their list…


As I was reading through the list, Zoë came over and added a few more items to her side of the list (additional items starting from the hula hoop...)  When I expressed disbelief at the long list, they were both quick to assure us that we don’t have to get them everything on their list.  Whew.

An iPhone?  An iPad?  Chris and I have neither.  A new computer… and apparently it has to be a real one, as opposed to the pink plastic Vtech laptop that she already has .  Seriously?  You can bet this list is going to saved and included in their “to-be-shared-when-you-are-a-parent-yourself” pile.

Today I am thankful for innocence.


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