12 November 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness | Day 12

I help out at both of my children’s classes once a week.  The first graders are adorable in a first-grader kind of way.  Some of them look so little in their school uniforms, like they’re playing dress-up.   Whenever I see them with their way-too-big backpacks, I can’t help but smile.

The third-graders (Josh’s class) are a different matter.  They don’t exactly have the same cuteness as the first-graders, the type of cuteness that makes you go Awww!  Some of them can be quite sassy, some of them can even be rude.  Most of them are sensible kids, though.   What had me smiling these past two weeks when I was helping out in Josh’s class, though, were a couple of girls in the groups I worked with.

Last week, I was sitting at a table with a small group –boys and girls, –and I was explaining what we were going to do, when apropos of nothing, this girl next to me said, “Mrs. X, I love your ring.” 

I worked with a different group today.  While I was going around checking on their work, one girl piped up, “Your necklace is so pretty!  It matches your earrings.”  Leave it to girls to take notice of jewellery.

Today I am thankful for girly girliness.
I am also thankful for the opportunity to help out at my kids’ classes.


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