23 November 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness | Days 22-24

Oh my, I am seriously playing catch-up, aren’t it?  It first started with me lumping two days together; now I’m up to three.  Yikes.

Day 22
(This is the path we take going to the library.)
I am thankful that the library is only one block away from us.
I am thankful for how efficient our library system is. 

Day 23
Josh:  You are the best mommy!
Me:  Hahaha!  You only have one mommy.
Josh:  Well, I know lots of other mommies and you are the best.
I am thankful for the best son.

Day 24
I am thankful for the patience that Josh has when teaching Zoë… tricks, lessons, whatever.  He has a way of breaking things down and explaining concepts to her in a way that she easily grasps.  Zoë comes away from these ‘lessons’ with Josh with a smile on her face, because she finally ‘gets’ the trick/s.  She is so blessed to have Josh for a big brother.the long road


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