11 December 2012

Another Tournament

This is what Zoë did while hanging around,
waiting during Josh’s chess tournament on Saturday.

Josh came in 4th in his category this time.  It was a rather unique experience.  In the entire tournament, there were only six players in the 6-8yo category, only four players in the 9-12 category, and 13 adult players.  Out of the nine rounds, Josh never got to play with any of the other players in his category (6-8yo), but rather with two players in the 9-12 category and seven adult players.  Maybe because of the total number of players entered, the organizers had to play everyone against each other, regardless of category.  Josh was not very lucky with the draw, but it was a really good experience for him to be able to play against older and better players.
A whole day tournament coming up on Sunday.  The last one of the year.  I think this one should be more a ‘regular’ tournament.  There will be seven rounds in all, with each player getting 30 minutes per game.  Not sure if they will be required to write down their every move, though.  I’ll have to check on this, because Josh has never done this and will have to learn to do it properly if he’ll be required to do so. 

Just as Josh is learning with each tournament he joins, we find that we’re learning about the world of chess meets, too.  I’m learning to read ranking cross-tables, learning about Swiss style vs blitz, learning about rules and illegal moves.  Interesting. 
I wish I could take more of an interest in chess, so that I could play with Josh more.  I know how to play the game, but I’m not very patient and Josh now beats me whenever we play.  Josh has to play with Chris to get more of a challenge.  We’re looking to my parents’ visit over the Christmas holidays, so that Josh can play with my dad (who first introduced the game to Josh).  My mom tells me that my dad has been practicing; he doesn’t want to lose to a kid.  Hahaha!


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