18 December 2012

End-of-Year Chess Meet

I know, I know.  Chess again.  This one is the last tournament of the year, thank goodness.  This was a long one on Sunday.  We were there from 9am to 6pm.   Chris was at a trade show, so it was just me and the two kids.  Zoë was quite the trooper for hanging out with us the whole time.  She colored, sketched, snacked, did some worksheets, read, snacked some more… and kept me company.

Each player had seven rounds.  Josh won five and lost two and came in 6th (out of 47 players).  He was very disappointed that he did not get a trophy.

I tried explaining to him that he actually did quite well, especially considering the fact that he started chess lessons only this summer and for him to come this far this soon is pretty good.  He’s been improving with each tournament he’s joined. 

On Sunday, the 1st place winner had seven wins; the 2nd place winner had six wins.  Between the 3rd place winner and the 8th place winner. all of them had five wins each.  It was just down to the tie breaks (Buchholz system), which were determined by adding the raw scores of each opponent you played and multiplying that by the your own raw score (your number of wins). 

Anyway… he countered that I was telling him all that only because I’m his mom.  That said, he told me to still sign him up for all upcoming chess tournaments.  He still wants to play.  He is determined to get a trophy or a medal.  He is getting competitive.

Well, my dad will be here for a couple of weeks and Josh will get plenty of playing time with him, so that should help and it will boost Josh’s confidence if he could win against my dad, who always plays to win.


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