29 January 2013

Josh Is 8!

He would roll his eyes at me now if I get too mushy, especially when there is company.  He still lets me kiss him, but only when there are not too many people around (or if we are at home).   My husband and I like to tease him and ask for kisses when we’re out.  We think it’s so cute the way he would quickly do a surreptitious sweep to see if anyone is looking before he would give us a kiss.

Storm Trooper Cupcakes with Oreo Buttercream Frosting

*Sigh*  Eight years.   Since I first became a mom.  Since I first experienced a love so fierce yet at the same time so gentle.  I remember it – this overwhelming sense of wonder at being entrusted with the care of this tiny, beautiful being.  Josh was such an easy baby… or maybe he wasn’t. Maybe we were just so in love with our boy that the care of him was no chore at all.

Josh Baby Josh-Arms-crossed
Josh at 4 months                                                                                      Josh at 6

In so many ways, Josh is mature beyond his years.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that he is just a boy, a child.  But sometimes we hear him laugh so hard that he’s gasping for breath –simply over some silly, silly drawing that Zoë did or over some wacky comment that somebody said…. and we are jolted back to reality.  He might speak like an adult sometimes, but he is a child still. 

Josh-Bundled-Up1 Skier-(2)
Josh at 23 months                                                                           Josh at nearly 8

A child who loves to read, who loves to play video games, who enjoys chess.  A boy who has crazy fun with his friends, but is also content doing his own thing by himself. 

Josh’s version of the Mission Impossible cable drop…

A boy who laughs himself silly watching slapstick comedies.  A boy who loves to tease his sister, but also a boy who is the best big brother a little girl could have.   A child that any parent would feel so very blessed to call their son.

Happy birthday, Josh.

22 January 2013

Our Little Ham

She saw the backdrop,
ran over,
struck a pose,
and called out to me to take her picture.

Life is full of silliness and laughter with this little girl!


20 January 2013

1.  Basket – Josh’s birthday cake – a chocolate bacon cake (We loved the cake!).  I used a bundt pan.  I think it looks like a little inverted basket for the candles.  Josh turned 8, but we decided to put in all the candles in the pack… more candles to blow!


2.  Park – Phoenix Park (Pyeongchang, Korea) on a Saturday…


3.  Auto – I’m taking the liberty here to interpret this as “car”…   Fresh snow overnight and Zoe got me to write this message on the hood of the car.


4.  Recycle


5.  People Watching – A group of kids taking skiing lessons


17 January 2013

Who’s Into Korean Drama?

I don’t watch Korean dramas, but my mom does.   She loves them.  When we went to Phoenix Park last week and when we found out that that’s where one of the Korean dramas (Endless Love/Autumn in My Heart) was filmed AND when our friend got the exact condo unit that was used as the part of the set (Tae-seok’s room), we just had to go around and take some pics.  For my mom.

(Just inside the main door, in the foyer / taken from the second floor)

The resort actually has cut-outs of the actors in the main lobby of the hotel, so that people could pose with the actors and take photos (!). 

With stars of Autumn in My Heart

Not only that. There is detailed information across six or more bulletin boards about the drama series.  I guess the series is so popular that they also have directional signs all over the resort and a map highlighting photo-taking spots where key scenes from the series took place.  

15 January 2013

Trick Eye Museum

One of the places we visited when we were in Seoul (Korea) was the Trick Eye Museum.  I saw photos from my friend’s visit and I knew that both Josh and Zoë would get a kick out of it… and they did!  So did we. 

The museum features paintings that are pretty realistic and appear to be in 3D. We had loads of fun doing cheesy poses.

Should you ever find yourself in Seoul, the Trick Eye Museum is definitely worth a visit.
Seoul-si Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong
357-1 Seogyo Plaza B02-01
서울특별시 마포구 홍익로3길 20 (서교동)
• 1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-322-8177
Operating Hours
10:00-22:00 (Open the whole year round)
Adults 13,000 won (roughly US$13)
Children 11,000 won (roughly US$11)

13 January 2013

Both Josh and Zoë had been clamoring to see snow.  Josh keeps saying that he doesn’t remember ever seeing real snow before, even though he had. (Okay, that was before he was even 2!).  So we decided to take the kids to Korea for a quick trip. So glad we did.  The kids are absolutely enjoying themselves!

1.  A Cup of…snow. Isn’t it pretty?
2.  Outside


3.  Backside



4. Little Things – There were so many people on the slopes this afternoon.  From afar, they look like little people in those models they have at property developers’ offices.


5.  Reflect – I love how the sunlight is reflecting off the chunk of ice that Zoë found.


11 January 2013

Snow… Whee!

Zoë’s first snow.
Her first toboggan ride.
Zoë’s first visit to Korea.

10 January 2013

I have not written down resolutions for a few years now.  But this year, because I am asking both Josh and Zoë to write down theirs, it is only fair that I write down mine, too.


Top of my list:  To be more zen about things and not sweat the small stuff.  So far, so good.  Missed the kids’ dental appointment (with a new dentist) because I forgot to check the address? Have bubble tea with the kids at the mall across instead.  Reschedule appointment.  Laugh at self for duh moment.  That was easy.  No stress.  I like this me.


In terms of photography, one of the things that I’d promised myself is that I will be in front of the camera more.  It is rather liberating making that decision.  I love that there are now a few more photos of me with the kids and of us as a family.




One other thing I resolve to do is challenge myself more and try more things outside my comfort zone.  This means trying to shoot in pure manual mode more, which means I really have to take the time to learn more about my camera and what it could do.  I’ve had this camera for two years now and I still have not read the entire manual (!).


I think these two ‘resolutions’ are ambitious enough… for me, for now.  I have a long list of ‘wants’ for 2013, but in terms of photography, these are my Top 2.


What are your resolutions for 2013?


The Creativity Project is a monthly blog circle with a new theme each month.  This month’s theme is Resolutions.  Please head on over to visit Sharon (The Covert Lens) and check out what hers are.  You will get a prompt from Sharon on whom to visit next.  Do hop along to all the ladies in the group and say hi.  We’d also love for you to share with us your “resolutions” on our Facebook page.

09 January 2013

Scar, Simba’s uncle.
The bad dude in The Lion King story.
He looks scary.
He sounds scary.
But oh, what a voice.
What a totally captivating character.



08 January 2013

Picky Picketers

Josh overheard me casually mention that I could only stomach eating at KFC once every three months.  Even that would be too much.  Josh's reaction was What?! Only once a quarter?  Only four times a year?!

See, we often eat out on Sundays.  Some days it would be pizza; other days it would be Japanese or Chinese food or something else.  Well, last Sunday, both Josh and Zoë were on the floor drawing something and they asked us not to look.  We didn’t.  We figured that they were probably busy drawing up a program for one of their bedtime performances. 

I was engrossed in what I was reading at the time until I heard marching noises and chanting.  I called over to them to ease up on the stomping lest the neighbors downstairs complain.  They continued on as if they didn’t hear me.  I stopped reading and looked over.  I almost fell over laughing.


Josh and Zoë both were holding up a badminton racquet each, with a piece of paper taped onto it.  They were marching around in a circle, racquets held high, chanting: “KFC tonight!  KFC tonight!  We want KFC tonight!”  (What you can’t see very well on the photo is how Josh signed his Crossly yours, Zoë and Joshua.)

Seriously. How could we say no?

01 January 2013

1.  Me! – Pic taken by my SIL.  Please ignore the many different straps around my neck, on my shoulders.  This was taken during our cherry-picking trip this summer.

2.  I Love You

3. Still Laughing – This little girl is such a ham!

4.  Winter Wonderland – This pic will have to do.  We don’t have “winter wonderland” scenes around  here.  These are “fake snow” muffins that Zoë and her friend made.

5.  Birthday – I baked a Blueberry Imperial Cake for Chris’ birthday.

6.  Friends – Zoë with B, one of her friends from kindergarten.  Even though they go to different primary schools now, they still remain great friends.  Which is super, because B’s mom is my very good friend, too.  Note the matching shirts.  B’s mom and I did not discuss it, but both girls ended up with the same get up that day when they got together for a play date!

7.  I Was Inspired – During one of my photo walks with my friend, I’d decided to do all the photos in black and white.  Growing up, I had loved looking at LIFE Magazine and had always admired the photojournalistic feel of the pictures I saw there.  I definitely draw inspiration from the many amazing photos in that publication.

8.   Spring Fever

9.  Vacation – One of our favorite vacation spots is Cebu, Philippines.  It is only a 2-hour plane ride away and we love that there are plenty to do at the resort (Shangri-la Mactan).  We love the food (mangoes galore!) and the kids always ask to go back.  They get to feed the fish, play mini-golf, do various activities at the Kids’ Adventure Zone, etc. 

10.  Summer Days – Zoë went from someone who would not even put her head underwater to a competent swimmer.  Here, she’s racing Josh.  Josh generously gave her a head start. 

11.  A Day In My Life

12.  All Smiles – This was during our trip to Bangkok earlier this year.  The kids were sitting at the back and they were telling jokes left and right and cracking themselves up.  I love these moments.

13.  Autumn Harvest – Okay.  I don’t think cherries are autumn harvests, but this is all I have.
Red cherries (2)

14. Family – Taken this summer by my sweet SIL.
summer 2012

15.  Celebrate! – Celebrating a successful dance recital with Josh.

16.  Let’s Do It Again… – Watch The Lion King.  We always catch The Lion King whenever we go to Disneyland.

17.  I Miss You – Zoë and her cousin K get on really well.  We only get to see them for a couple of weeks every summer, but for those short weeks together, they’re practically inseparable.  With oceans between them, it’s a good thing there is Skype.
Girl cousins (1)

18.  Beautiful – Zoë has a most beautiful smile.  One that just makes you smile in response, no matter what mood you’re in.

19.  Dress Up – Some days even dressing up for fun is a chore!

20.  Macro
Butterfly (1)

21.  Holidays

22.  My Favorite – I can’t just pick one, so here are two!

23.  Don’t Ever Change – One of the things I love most about Josh is how patient and sweet he can be with Zoë.  Here he’s teaching Zoë how to do a finger trick that he’s good at, that Zoë desperately wanted to learn.

24.  Just Because… So There!

25.  Hopes and Dreams – For Josh and Zoë, I hope they continue to love on each other and know that they could count on each other , no matter that they occasionally get on each other’s nerves.  I hope that they continue to enjoy school life and that their love for learning and playing never cease.  I wish good health and happiness for everyone.  I pray that 2013 will be a year of peace, a year where we hear/read more positive and inspiring news than what we’ve had in 2012.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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