01 January 2013

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2o12

1.  Me! – Pic taken by my SIL.  Please ignore the many different straps around my neck, on my shoulders.  This was taken during our cherry-picking trip this summer.

2.  I Love You

3. Still Laughing – This little girl is such a ham!

4.  Winter Wonderland – This pic will have to do.  We don’t have “winter wonderland” scenes around  here.  These are “fake snow” muffins that Zoë and her friend made.

5.  Birthday – I baked a Blueberry Imperial Cake for Chris’ birthday.

6.  Friends – Zoë with B, one of her friends from kindergarten.  Even though they go to different primary schools now, they still remain great friends.  Which is super, because B’s mom is my very good friend, too.  Note the matching shirts.  B’s mom and I did not discuss it, but both girls ended up with the same get up that day when they got together for a play date!

7.  I Was Inspired – During one of my photo walks with my friend, I’d decided to do all the photos in black and white.  Growing up, I had loved looking at LIFE Magazine and had always admired the photojournalistic feel of the pictures I saw there.  I definitely draw inspiration from the many amazing photos in that publication.

8.   Spring Fever

9.  Vacation – One of our favorite vacation spots is Cebu, Philippines.  It is only a 2-hour plane ride away and we love that there are plenty to do at the resort (Shangri-la Mactan).  We love the food (mangoes galore!) and the kids always ask to go back.  They get to feed the fish, play mini-golf, do various activities at the Kids’ Adventure Zone, etc. 

10.  Summer Days – Zoë went from someone who would not even put her head underwater to a competent swimmer.  Here, she’s racing Josh.  Josh generously gave her a head start. 

11.  A Day In My Life

12.  All Smiles – This was during our trip to Bangkok earlier this year.  The kids were sitting at the back and they were telling jokes left and right and cracking themselves up.  I love these moments.

13.  Autumn Harvest – Okay.  I don’t think cherries are autumn harvests, but this is all I have.
Red cherries (2)

14. Family – Taken this summer by my sweet SIL.
summer 2012

15.  Celebrate! – Celebrating a successful dance recital with Josh.

16.  Let’s Do It Again… – Watch The Lion King.  We always catch The Lion King whenever we go to Disneyland.

17.  I Miss You – Zoë and her cousin K get on really well.  We only get to see them for a couple of weeks every summer, but for those short weeks together, they’re practically inseparable.  With oceans between them, it’s a good thing there is Skype.
Girl cousins (1)

18.  Beautiful – Zoë has a most beautiful smile.  One that just makes you smile in response, no matter what mood you’re in.

19.  Dress Up – Some days even dressing up for fun is a chore!

20.  Macro
Butterfly (1)

21.  Holidays

22.  My Favorite – I can’t just pick one, so here are two!

23.  Don’t Ever Change – One of the things I love most about Josh is how patient and sweet he can be with Zoë.  Here he’s teaching Zoë how to do a finger trick that he’s good at, that Zoë desperately wanted to learn.

24.  Just Because… So There!

25.  Hopes and Dreams – For Josh and Zoë, I hope they continue to love on each other and know that they could count on each other , no matter that they occasionally get on each other’s nerves.  I hope that they continue to enjoy school life and that their love for learning and playing never cease.  I wish good health and happiness for everyone.  I pray that 2013 will be a year of peace, a year where we hear/read more positive and inspiring news than what we’ve had in 2012.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Megan Bailey said...

These are beautiful! Your kids are just adorable! Here is to 2013!

Kim C. said...

Happy New Year! These are lovely! I have loved coming to see what your sweet family is up to this year! I love your images!

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