08 January 2013

Picky Picketers

Josh overheard me casually mention that I could only stomach eating at KFC once every three months.  Even that would be too much.  Josh's reaction was What?! Only once a quarter?  Only four times a year?!

See, we often eat out on Sundays.  Some days it would be pizza; other days it would be Japanese or Chinese food or something else.  Well, last Sunday, both Josh and Zoë were on the floor drawing something and they asked us not to look.  We didn’t.  We figured that they were probably busy drawing up a program for one of their bedtime performances. 

I was engrossed in what I was reading at the time until I heard marching noises and chanting.  I called over to them to ease up on the stomping lest the neighbors downstairs complain.  They continued on as if they didn’t hear me.  I stopped reading and looked over.  I almost fell over laughing.


Josh and Zoë both were holding up a badminton racquet each, with a piece of paper taped onto it.  They were marching around in a circle, racquets held high, chanting: “KFC tonight!  KFC tonight!  We want KFC tonight!”  (What you can’t see very well on the photo is how Josh signed his Crossly yours, Zoë and Joshua.)

Seriously. How could we say no?


Kim C. said...

Oh that is so funny! I have to say I would be on your side though. My kids eat KFC with my husband when I am not around. :). Love the "Crossly Yours"!

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