20 January 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | People Watching

1.  Basket – Josh’s birthday cake – a chocolate bacon cake (We loved the cake!).  I used a bundt pan.  I think it looks like a little inverted basket for the candles.  Josh turned 8, but we decided to put in all the candles in the pack… more candles to blow!


2.  Park – Phoenix Park (Pyeongchang, Korea) on a Saturday…


3.  Auto – I’m taking the liberty here to interpret this as “car”…   Fresh snow overnight and Zoe got me to write this message on the hood of the car.


4.  Recycle


5.  People Watching – A group of kids taking skiing lessons



Kim Cunningham said...

Fun! That cake is very intriguing. I bet I would love it! So sweet that Zoe loves Korea. Travel with children is such a gift to the overall education of their lives!

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