17 January 2013

Who’s Into Korean Drama?

I don’t watch Korean dramas, but my mom does.   She loves them.  When we went to Phoenix Park last week and when we found out that that’s where one of the Korean dramas (Endless Love/Autumn in My Heart) was filmed AND when our friend got the exact condo unit that was used as the part of the set (Tae-seok’s room), we just had to go around and take some pics.  For my mom.

(Just inside the main door, in the foyer / taken from the second floor)

The resort actually has cut-outs of the actors in the main lobby of the hotel, so that people could pose with the actors and take photos (!). 

With stars of Autumn in My Heart

Not only that. There is detailed information across six or more bulletin boards about the drama series.  I guess the series is so popular that they also have directional signs all over the resort and a map highlighting photo-taking spots where key scenes from the series took place.  


Kim C. said...

This is so fun to me as a K-Drama fan. I need to come hang out with your mom!

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