04 March 2013

Busy, Busy March

My life, it seems, is planned in chunks of ‘weeks.’  I have a routine going around different days of the week.  I go through each day and each day rolls into the next and the next.  A week finishes, a new one begins. 


I woke up Sunday morning, looked at my watch and started panicking.  It’s 7:15am and the kids are still in bed; they’re going to miss the school bus!  I went to their room and woke them up, only to be greeted by complaints of me waking them up so early on a Sunday.  Sunday?!  I had thought it’s Monday. *cue ‘weh, weh, weh’ music*

Looking at my calendar this month, it seems that we have something planned for every single weekend.  A couple of double bookings, even.  A sleepover, two chess tournaments, Rite of Enrolment, a birthday party, a conference on parenting effectiveness training, and Easter.  We also have field trips, both kids’ Athletics Day (on separate days), a popcorn sale, Dress Casual Day, and the start of swim classes again this month.  All this is making my head spin.

How is your March coming along?


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