15 March 2013

Growing Up

Have you ever looked at your child and gotten a glimpse of what he or she will be like when the teenage years hit?

I find myself getting more of that lately.   Not just in terms of the things that Josh says or do or how much food he eats (!), but also in the way he looks.    


The little boy is still there for sure.  He still plays with his Lego sets, he still loves to draw fighting scenes. Not that he will admit it publicly, but he still loves a cuddle and a hug.  He still pushes boundaries and is quick with a sheepish ‘sorry’ when caught.  He still  teases his little sister.

Little by little, though, he is growing up.   He argues his points with a logic that is hard to fault.   He is a lot more independent.  He is quick to offer to help.  I hear him and his friends refer to each other as ‘dudes’ over the phone.  Much as he loves to make faces whenever the camera’s pointed at him, he readily posed for me for this photo.  Without direction from me, he plopped down on the grass, put his hands behind his head and called out to me to take the shot.


When he looks like this, I see a glimpse of a teenage Josh.  His cheeks are still chubby, but he doesn’t look as baby-ish anymore.  He has that “I’m cool” look going here.

Man, I love this little dude.


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