11 March 2013

The Creativity Project | Lines

This month the theme for our Creativity Project is ‘Lines.’  From the PictureCorrect --

A very powerful method of improving the composition of photos is the use of lines. Properly used, lines can significantly increase the impact of images.

Lines serve to affect photographic composition in two ways. First, they serve to create a mood. Second, they lead the eye through the photograph. By affecting mood, lines add emotional content to images. By leading the viewer’s eye, they keep the viewer’s attention focused on the image.
Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (1)

This week I did take some photos with this in mind, but I want to start this post with the photos I took at the Kettle Valley Trestles in Kelowna.  The trestles were a great opportunity to practice shooting ‘lines.’

Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (2)

Kettle Valley Railway Trestle (3)

The hoops in the pic below is more of an ‘implied’ line rather than an actual line.


At the stadium, watching the joggers run around the track.


Trying to do a lap himself…


The Creativity Project is a monthly blog circle with a new theme each month.  This month’s theme is Lines.  Please head on over to visit Sharon’s blog (The Covert Lens) and check out what she came up with.  You will get a prompt from Sharon whom to visit next.  Do hop along to all the ladies in the group and say hi.  We’d also love for you to share  your “Line” photos on our Facebook page.


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