30 April 2013

Finding My Mojo

I haven’t really picked up the big-girl camera for a while.  What little photos I have taken lately were mostly taken with my phone.  Even my Instagram uploads have been few and far between. 

The weather has been wet and not bright.  I have been busy with this and that.  If I let myself, I could come up with a thousand excuses why I haven’t been taking more pictures. 

(Photo taken by Yon Chung)

Do I still love to take pictures?  Yes.  I miss taking photos.  I realize that if I want to carry on doing that, I need to make time.  I need to prioritize.  Candy Crush or taking pictures?   I have a photo walk scheduled with a friend later this week, so hopefully, I will get my mojo back. 

Because I have not taken a lot of photos lately, I’m sharing instead a photo that another friend took of me earlier this year.  You know that I haven’t taken many photos if I put a picture of myself in a blog post (!).  What started as just a simple photo walk turned into a fun portrait session.  She was really great at making me feel more comfortable in front of the camera and we had a good laugh over some of the poses we did.

What do you guys do to get your mojo back?

23 April 2013

I remember how mature I felt when I’d moved beyond the Sweet Dreams and the Sweet Valley High series.  I would read only ‘serious’ books by ‘serious’ writers, even though some of those books bored me to tears.  I would finish them, since I’m one of those who has to see a book to its end.  I would smile indulgently when I would see the younger kids read ‘junior’ fiction.  I’ve moved on, I would think smugly to myself.


Yet here I am now, not only reading junior fiction, but actually rediscovering the joy of reading them.  My friend recommended to me Fablehaven by Brandon Mull and I am a bit surprised at how hooked I am.  It’s not even a genre that I usually read… but hooked I definitely am. (You could read more about what the book is by clicking on the picture below.)


I’d originally wanted to read it because (1) I know my friend and I share the same taste in books and (2) I know this is something right up Josh’s alley and I wanted to read it so that I could discuss it more intelligently with him.  Josh hasn’t read it yet, but he said that he’s intrigued when he read the back cover.  I told him he could have his turn after I finish the book.

What was the last junior fiction book that you’ve read?

18 April 2013

Bedtime Reading

I love bedtime with the kids.  When inspiration strikes, sometimes they would put on a “performance” for us, sometimes a puppet show.  More often than not, though, they would simply read.  Chris and I usually would have our own books with us and the four of us would be in their room, reading until it’s time to turn the lights off.


Zoë was leafing through 365 Stories for Girls and when she saw the story entitled Showy Ballerina Zoe; she looked up and exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, I’m famous!”

Little by Little Friday Photo Journal the long road

16 April 2013

Homemade “Ice Cream”

I recently bought this dessert-maker called Yonanas upon the recommendation of a friend.  It basically turns frozen bananas and other fruits into ice cream.  How cool is that?!   The best part is that that is all it needs –frozen fruits and nothing else.  No sugar, no milk; just frozen fruits.   We made our first batch of bananas + strawberries last night and everyone scarfed it down.




For those of you in the US who might be interested in this, you could get it here.  Yes, it’s another appliance on our small countertop, but this is something that I see us using at least twice a week.  No, I am not being paid nor have been asked to write this post. I just thought something as awesome as this needs to be shared.


Tomorrow night, we are trying bananas + mixed berries.  We also have mango + pineapple on our list…  can’t wait to try other combinations!


12 April 2013

Warhol Art

Following our visit to the Andy Warhol exhibit, we decided to have some fun with portrait art inspired by what we saw.  (Thanks to my friend, AK, for suggesting the idea!). 

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this --

Well, it’s supposed to come out something like that picture of Marilyn Monroe above.  I was supposed to put each picture against different-color backdrops, but my kids, being my kids, had to color in their faces, too!  Oh well.

In case you might want to have some fun with this yourself or with your kids, we followed the steps from here.  You’ll just need a few sheets of acetates (transparencies), markers, a black-and-white photo… and you’re pretty much set.

More arty stuff this weekend.  Josh has to complete his First Holy Communion by this Sunday and we haven’t done anything yet.  Yikes.

10 April 2013

So fast… a year has gone and The Creativity Project is now celebrating its first year!  It has been wonderful being part of this circle of lovely and inspiring ladies.  (Girls, you rock.  You do!  I am always so inspired by your work.)


To celebrate our first year we will be having a giveaway (yay!).  More on that later… so do read on.


This month, instead of embarking on a new theme, we are going to have a little retrospective on some of our past themes.  You will see a smorgasbord of past (and some new) photos from our past themes.  Please do follow each of the links at each of our posts to move on to the next person in the circle to have a look at the other themes we had going from our first year.


We are also very pleased to have Joseph Davis, Jr. join us as a special guest this month.  Do click on his name (above) to see some of the awesome photos he has taken.



One of my favorite themes from last year was Sun Flares.    They’re so pretty, so very pretty!  Here are some photos from each one of the contributors…












Didn’t I say?  Now do you love sun flare photos as much as I do?


Yes, I did mention a giveaway!  To celebrate our first year anniversary, we are hosting a giveaway for a US$25 Photojojo gift card on our Facebook page.  There are plenty of ways to enter:  ‘Like’ our Facebook page, share a photo on our page, tweet about us.  You could start by clicking below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Don’t forget to head on over to Katherine’s blog (Most People Exist) and check out the photos featured there!

09 April 2013

The kids are back in school.  We had a fun two weeks of no school, no fixed plans, just winging it.   We did manage to do some interesting stuff:  Dialogue in the Dark, the Andy Warhol exhibit at the HK Art Museum;  we went aboard the Logos Hope; we watched The Croods (Zoë’s first real movie at a cinema!); we visited the HK Science Museum and checked out the Julius Caesar exhibit.  We learned about ambulance services at a ‘fair’ that our local district organized.

When asked what the highlight of their two weeks of school break was, both mentioned Dialogue in the Dark and the Science Museum.  They both even went as far to say that they prefer the Science Museum over FunZone (a huge play gym with slides, foam cannons, etc.), because –in Josh’s words, –“you get to learn about things and also have fun at the same time.”


We spent almost an entire day at the Science Museum.  At only HK$25 (a little over US$3) per adult and at half that price per child, it’s a bargain.  Only HK$50 for the three of us for a day’s worth of fun!  We went in, checked out some stuff, went out to grab some lunch, went back in.  We were there at around 11-ish and didn’t leave until 5pm.  The kids would gladly have stayed longer.  There were so many things to see and do!


They pretended to be anchors at a news station; both got to play around on the editing machine.  I was able to show them the kind of (rotary) telephone that we had we I was little and they both tried calling my number on it.  Zoë played with an old switchboard.  They had fun making bubble sheets.  We went into a maze of mirrors.  They made a “cloud mushroom” with mist.  They both sniffed around some small drawers and tried to identify different smells.  We had fun seeing who could keep their balance the longest (Zoë).  They played with pulleys.  Josh pretended to be a Roman soldier and saw different weaponry used during Caesar’s time.  Oh, the list goes on and on.

We will definitely be going back.  We haven’t checked out all the other areas of the museum yet. What’s more, right across from the Science Museum is the HK Museum of History.  One stone, two birds kind of thing, you know?

04 April 2013


If I have five more sets of my two children…

On a day like yesterday when they were having a contest on who could drive me up the wall more, I’d say, “Please… these two are more than enough!”
On a day like today when they both were nice to each other, when I hadn’t had to repeat things a bajillion times, I’d say, “Yes, please!”
Little by Little Friday Photo Journal the long road

02 April 2013

There She Goes Again

Remember this, when Zoë pretended she’s Buddha?  Well, they changed the backdrop to promote Jurassic Park 3D.  See what my little girl got up to this time…


There never is a dull moment with Zoë!

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