16 April 2013

Homemade “Ice Cream”

I recently bought this dessert-maker called Yonanas upon the recommendation of a friend.  It basically turns frozen bananas and other fruits into ice cream.  How cool is that?!   The best part is that that is all it needs –frozen fruits and nothing else.  No sugar, no milk; just frozen fruits.   We made our first batch of bananas + strawberries last night and everyone scarfed it down.




For those of you in the US who might be interested in this, you could get it here.  Yes, it’s another appliance on our small countertop, but this is something that I see us using at least twice a week.  No, I am not being paid nor have been asked to write this post. I just thought something as awesome as this needs to be shared.


Tomorrow night, we are trying bananas + mixed berries.  We also have mango + pineapple on our list…  can’t wait to try other combinations!



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