23 April 2013

Rediscovering Junior Fiction

I remember how mature I felt when I’d moved beyond the Sweet Dreams and the Sweet Valley High series.  I would read only ‘serious’ books by ‘serious’ writers, even though some of those books bored me to tears.  I would finish them, since I’m one of those who has to see a book to its end.  I would smile indulgently when I would see the younger kids read ‘junior’ fiction.  I’ve moved on, I would think smugly to myself.


Yet here I am now, not only reading junior fiction, but actually rediscovering the joy of reading them.  My friend recommended to me Fablehaven by Brandon Mull and I am a bit surprised at how hooked I am.  It’s not even a genre that I usually read… but hooked I definitely am. (You could read more about what the book is by clicking on the picture below.)


I’d originally wanted to read it because (1) I know my friend and I share the same taste in books and (2) I know this is something right up Josh’s alley and I wanted to read it so that I could discuss it more intelligently with him.  Josh hasn’t read it yet, but he said that he’s intrigued when he read the back cover.  I told him he could have his turn after I finish the book.

What was the last junior fiction book that you’ve read?


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