09 April 2013

The HK Science Museum | Best Deal Ever

The kids are back in school.  We had a fun two weeks of no school, no fixed plans, just winging it.   We did manage to do some interesting stuff:  Dialogue in the Dark, the Andy Warhol exhibit at the HK Art Museum;  we went aboard the Logos Hope; we watched The Croods (Zoë’s first real movie at a cinema!); we visited the HK Science Museum and checked out the Julius Caesar exhibit.  We learned about ambulance services at a ‘fair’ that our local district organized.

When asked what the highlight of their two weeks of school break was, both mentioned Dialogue in the Dark and the Science Museum.  They both even went as far to say that they prefer the Science Museum over FunZone (a huge play gym with slides, foam cannons, etc.), because –in Josh’s words, –“you get to learn about things and also have fun at the same time.”


We spent almost an entire day at the Science Museum.  At only HK$25 (a little over US$3) per adult and at half that price per child, it’s a bargain.  Only HK$50 for the three of us for a day’s worth of fun!  We went in, checked out some stuff, went out to grab some lunch, went back in.  We were there at around 11-ish and didn’t leave until 5pm.  The kids would gladly have stayed longer.  There were so many things to see and do!


They pretended to be anchors at a news station; both got to play around on the editing machine.  I was able to show them the kind of (rotary) telephone that we had we I was little and they both tried calling my number on it.  Zoë played with an old switchboard.  They had fun making bubble sheets.  We went into a maze of mirrors.  They made a “cloud mushroom” with mist.  They both sniffed around some small drawers and tried to identify different smells.  We had fun seeing who could keep their balance the longest (Zoë).  They played with pulleys.  Josh pretended to be a Roman soldier and saw different weaponry used during Caesar’s time.  Oh, the list goes on and on.

We will definitely be going back.  We haven’t checked out all the other areas of the museum yet. What’s more, right across from the Science Museum is the HK Museum of History.  One stone, two birds kind of thing, you know?


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