21 May 2013

A Sneak Peek Into the Future

Zoë and her friends had a play date at Disneyland yesterday.  This had been planned weeks ago and the girls had been talking about it ever since they first learned about it.  They talked about what they were going to see, which rides to go on, what to wear.  At first they agreed to all wear princess outfits, but with the sweltering hot weather, the idea was nixed (although Zoë and a couple of her friends did show up in a Belle gown, they quickly changed out of it).



After we got there, the girls took over, deciding amongst themselves where to go first.  After each ride/show, they would come together and plan what to do next and then present their “decision'” to us.  They would take off by themselves.  They chatted non-stop.  It was so cute seeing them together.  Seeing that pic above, I could almost picture them as a group 8-10 years from now –taller, out on their own, still chatting away…
Josh came along, too, and he was a good sport about being the only boy amongst the girls.


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