02 May 2013

Finding Pretty

It feels so good to go out and just see.  I just came back from a photo walk with my friend and I feel great!  I so needed that.  You guys were right; I needed to go out more.

The weather was still a bit cool.  There was no sun.  BUT.  Because I was intent on finding some beauty around me, I did.


In the unlikeliest of spots.  On the ground, in a rain puddle.


Pretty yellow blooms that have fallen from a nearby tree and have landed in the puddles.

As soon as I’d come off the ground after getting low to take these shots, I was smiling big and I did not care who might have seen the goofy grin I must have had on my face.  I’d found pretty!


Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Yes you did! I love the pops of yellow. :)

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