07 May 2013

My 6-Year Old

{ A long overdue post }

Zoë celebrated her sixth birthday three weeks ago… It is only now that I have a chance to do a post about it.  She was SO excited about turning six.  On Mar 31st, during bedtime, she was beside herself.  I’d asked her why and she said, “Because tomorrow is April and my birthday is in April!”


In many ways, she is quite the “big girl” now.  She is more than halfway through first grade and is doing remarkably well.  She showers herself, packs her own bag.  While she still enjoys some ‘younger’ music, she loves music by Train, music from High School Musical, and music from Glee.  She bobs her head to the beat and would sing along when she listens to the music.  She loves all things sparkly and glittery.  


Zoë’s gotten a bit ornery, yes, and she’s being a bit more the pesky little sister to Josh than she was before.  With Josh, it’s like she has a sixth sense regarding which buttons to push. BUT… when she’s sweet with him, it kind of evens up the times she winds him up.


At the end of the day, though, she is still the sweet, happy little girl that she’s always been.  Quick with a smile that lights up her face and that makes you smile right back.  Quick with a pout that both amuses and exasperates me.  She has her diva moments, but thankfully, they are all short-lived. 


She still loves to snuggle and cuddle with us.  She still gives us endless kisses and big, huge, tight squeezes.  Although she is looking more “big girl” these days, she will always be my sweet baby girl.  Always.

Zoe- Little Miss Sunshine

Nothing I write here does justice to how I really feel about Zoë.  She evokes in me all sorts of mommy-feelings: love, pride, tenderness, awe, wonder, exasperation, amusement, thankfulness.   She is my everything-girl.

Super smile no W


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