10 May 2013

The Creativity Project | Street Photography

I think this might be my favorite theme to date.  I love street photography.  I love playing tourist right in my backyard.  I am not a very shy person and have no qualms about approaching strangers and asking if I could take a picture of them.  I have nothing to lose; all they could do is say no. 

{A truck driver taking it easy while waiting for the delivery guys to come back.}
(Enjoying their bowls of noodles)Chopsticks-duo-(1)

Most of the time, though, people do say yes and those times are golden. Not only do I get to photograph them, I also get to chat with them a bit. For that very brief period, you somehow find a connection. Smiles and greetings are exchanged, little tidbits shared. I find these random connections so refreshing.

{These guys let me take their picture and then proceeded to rib each other about how ugly they look.}

Sometimes, I simply stand there in full view, eye on the viewfinder, just letting people come into range and clicking when I think I get something good in the frame.

{Crossing in front of Sogo, along Hennessy Road}



There are plenty of times, though, when I rely on my zoom lens and shoot from afar.

{The guy by the delivery truck was idly chatting on his phone.}


{A tai-chi master leading his followers.}

{Shooting the breeze…}


{Veggie stall owner checking a bunch of greens}

I like ducking into alleys and little side streets and catching whatever ‘life’ is going on there.



Most of all, though, what I love about going out to the streets with my camera is capturing people doing what they do, going about their day.

{Reading the paper while waiting for his order}

{Watching the traffic go by while finishing up a ciggy}


If you’ve never played tourist in your own town/city, I would urge you to do so.  You will see things in a new way, I promise you.   (More photos from my photo walks around Hong Kong here.)

Go on and head over to Katherine’s blog (Most People Exist) and check out her street photography and then follow her link to the next one in The Creative Project’s circle.  You will be seeing glimpses of life on the streets from different places.  Do visit us on our Facebook page and share some of your street photography, too!


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