18 June 2013

Little Shop of Smoothies

Zoë loves setting up shop.  She would come up with all types of things to sell.  Sometimes Josh would get into it and they both would spend quite some time prepping, doing up signs, decorating their “shop,” and planning their pricing and menu.

Coincidentally, this weekend, part of Josh’s homework was to set up a pretend shop and practice money sense.   So he took over Zoë’s shop of smoothies, revised her menu a bit, added prices, cooked up a promotion to attract customers.   Josh also made some paper currency for us to use when buying from their shop.


Zoë came up with some really creative concoctions.  There was Sparkle Smoothie (made up of glitters and beads); Jackie Smoothie  (made with jacks);  Bow-piette would be made up with her different hair bows;


the Spider Smoothie (in the orange cup –note the four “legs” sticking out on each side)… 


The names of the smoothies are mostly Zoë’s creation and Josh made sure to point that out in his homework sheet, because he didn’t want his classmates to think that he thought up all those “crazy girly names” for the smoothies.


Yes, the place was quite messy –what with scraps of paper everywhere, plastic cups and pens and other “necessary stuff” that they had hidden under their shop table (because they needed them for “ingredients”), pens and markers lying around… but I took a deep breath, sighed, and…

I smiled.
I love their pretend play.


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