04 June 2013

On the Floor

One Sunday afternoon,
the kids spent a few hours just like this --
on the floor
playing with Lego pieces…


making up stories,
playing out the scenes.

Small Lego pieces were strewn all over the floor.  It was quite a chaotic mess.  I was torn between exasperation over the mess –and the inevitable “lost” pieces that would eventually be found under the sofa, –and thankfulness that (1) both of them could lose themselves in imaginative play; (2) they collaborated quite well on the scenes they were playing out; (3) we could hear much giggles and laughter (and yes, the occasional protest or two)  as they created hilarious (to them) scenes for their characters.


debi9kids said...

Isn't it great when they can just use their imaginations? For hours!

Anita said...

Did you have to get on the floor for those shots, or use a flip out screen? Very nice. And especially nice that your children know how to express their love for each other through play.

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