11 June 2013

Swimming in the Rain

Not counting the weekly swimming classes, this is our first dip in our pool this summer.   It was the perfect day for a swim –warm, but not too hot; the water was cool, not too cold. 


Zoë can now touch bottom without having to go on tippy toes and she was so happy.  The kids were swimming around like little tadpoles when suddenly the heavens opened up and it started to rain. 




I was teasing them telling them to quickly get out of the pool or they would get wet from the rain.  Zoë and Josh both told me in an exasperated tone, “But we are already wet!”


Josh floated on his back, eyes closed, mouth open, trying to catch the raindrops.  Zoë was just plain having fun –rain or not.


Apparently swimming in the rain was the highlight of their day when we did our “what-are-you-thankful-for-today” part that night.  I should take the kids out to play in the rain one of these days.  I’m sure I will be frowned upon or well-meaning old ladies here who would see me do that would advise me to take the kids in lest they get sick… but every child needs to experience playing in the rain at least once in their childhood.  Methinks.



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