13 August 2013

The Rafflesia

Deep in the jungles of Borneo blooms one of the biggest flowers in the world – the rafflesia.   We were lucky enough to see not just one, but two not too far apart. Saw a few buds as well. Apparently, these flowers take nine months from bud to full bloom and they only bloom for seven days.

This one below measures 82 cms and is the biggest recorded bloom thus far this year.  According to our guide, the biggest one on record was about 2.5 meters (!) and was found in Indonesia.


We had a short trek through the jungle –in the rain! –just to get to this flower.  It made for a fun adventure for the kids.  We had to step over roots, duck under vines, climb over mossy rocks.  We were all sopping wet by the time we go to the flower –partly from the rain and party from the high humidity.  It was so worth it, though!


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