24 September 2013

A Bit of Glow Stick Fun

Last Friday was the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Traditionally, children stay up late and are outside playing with lanterns and glow sticks. 

I got both Josh and Zoë each a tube of 50 glow sticks each for them to play with.  They also each had a thicker, bigger glow stick for their light sabre –Josh’s was green and Zoë’s was pink.


Josh was a bit more interested in his light sabre and went around waving it and doing different Jedi poses.


The tub of glow sticks came with some connectors and both of them had plenty of fun creating with the glow sticks. 


It was warm and muggy that night, but it was fun letting the kids stay up late to play downstairs.  With a full moon in the sky and plenty of other families out as well –with their lanterns and glow sticks, – it was quite a fun atmosphere.



CountryMouse said...

I love glow sticks. What a great idea connecting them like that.

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