03 September 2013

Playing With Fire

We attended a show when we visited the Sarawak Cultural Village this summer.  It was very interesting, very colorful.  There were dances performed by the different cultural tribes, showcasing different costumes, different musical instruments.  There was audience participation.  They got a girl from the audience to take part in a blowpipe shootout, incorporating a funny  skit into the act.  They also got a man to go onstage and challenged him to lick a live flame from a candle…




I have to say, that guy was a good sport.  He initially got onstage because he thought he was simply going to get back the lighter that one of the performers had borrowed to light the flame.  Little did he realize that he would be kept onstage to try and do what the performer had done –to lick the flame!  He did it… we all applauded his game-ness and all was fine.



Pieni Lintu said...

Sounds crazy :-D

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