05 November 2013

Been Busy (and Camp Debrief)

…with this and that.
What else is new?


Josh is home from camp.  We’d missed him so much.  Zoe could not stop hugging him.  I couldn’t get over that he only lost one pair of socks (!).  He shared plenty of stories of what they did at camp.  He told of how he volunteered to help one of the teachers make hot chocolate for all the kids, because “I make really good hot chocolate!”  He does, he really does. Josh was lucky enough to be assigned to a special room (reserved for teachers apparently) with two of his mates.  They had their own private bathroom and shower AND a TV.

He brought home little gifts for us.  Zoe got an orange-blue plush Angry Bird. Chris got a mini model galleon and I got a small keychain.  Josh bought himself an Angry Bird, too –one with spots, aptly named Spotty.

After all the excitement of camp, Josh was a bit under the weather over the weekend (feverish), but he’s all well now and looking forward to going to camp again next year!


Pieni Lintu said...

So lovely that he gave you those. Kids can be very sweet. :-)

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