17 November 2013

Lowepro Camera Bag Giveaway

I have found a camera bag that I can use as my day bag –one that is lightweight, has plenty of zips, AND one that allows me to lug along my water bottle as well.  You are looking at the bag that I’d been carrying around with me wherever I go for the past few months – Lowepro’s 12L Photo Sport Shoulder Bag.

The Photo Sport Shoulder 18L

Some days, my D90 will be in it; most days, not.  I love that I don’t have to keep switching bags around when I want to bring out my DSLR. 

It has a little padded insert/bag that houses the camera for when you want it along.  The padded bag is attached to the bottom of the main bag with velcro, so that it doesn’t move around and because the velcro runs along the entire bottom, the insert can be placed on either side of the bag or in the middle for better distribution of weight. 

For days when I don’t carry my DSLR, I simply take out the insert and use the bag as I would any other bag.  For a better idea of what I mean, please check out the pictures here.

One thing that makes this my bag of choice, even for days when I don’t have my DSLR along is that it has a side pocket for my water bottle.  I carry a 0.6L water bottle on me whenever I go out and the bottle fits perfectly in the outside pocket of the bag.

I love the two zippered exterior pockets. This is where I usually keep my transport cards, packets of wet wipes, lipstick, mints, my phone and my keys.  It saves me from having to open up the main bag and scrounge around for these things.  In the main compartment, I have managed to fit a (thick) hardcover novel, my wallet, my scarf, a small towel, an extra lens (50mm) –together with the DSLR.  Without the hood on, my DSLR fits just perfectly inside the padded insert.  It’s a bit snug with the hood on, but it still fits.

One time, I’ve had the bag sitting in a pool of water (that I didn’t realize had spilled from my water bottle) and though the outside of the bag was wet, the inside was perfectly dry.  I’ve been out in light rain with the bag a couple of times and both times, the inside was absolutely dry, as the bag is made with lightweight, weather-resistant fabric.

Bottom line:  I love this bag and how versatile it is.  I love that I can use it as my every day bag even when I don’t carry around my DSLR with me.  I love how lightweight it is and I love the many pockets it has.  The fact that it also has a pocket especially for my water bottle makes it a winner in my book.

The fine folks at Lowepro has generously provided me another bag for a giveaway.  Enter via Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway open to everyone (I will ship to wherever you are).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information about the Lowepro 12L Photo Sport Shoulder Bag, please click here.


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