31 December 2013

The Year That Was | 2013

Let’s see… where do I even begin?
There had been plenty of firsts this year.

First serious snow play (Korea) and first time skiing (for Josh)

First time sledding for Zoe

First medal in a chess match

First Team Fear race, which they completed in 3 hours and 7 minutes
Team Fear Collage (1)

First big-girl hair cut in a salon

First 2-night (away) camp with classmates for Josh and
first time Josh and Zoe have been apart since Zoe was born…

First TV shoot (which also coincided with the first visit from the tooth fairy) for Zoe.
She has since lost a third tooth.


Someone had his First Holy Communion…

We also did more of  what we usually do… spending time with family, visiting with the cousins during the summer.  We all went to Cebu (Philippines) and then headed to Kuching (Malaysia) next.  It was a glorious, hot summer of food, water, and fun… and more food!








We were lucky enough to see the rafflesia on its first day of bloom – thanks to Chris’ cousin who checked FB statuses to see when the flower will be in bloom and who brought us all the way out to Gunung Gading National Park to see it.


At the end of November. we managed to sneak in one more trip to Cebu (again).  A few days of sun and surf before braving the cold(er) winter here this year.



I am very thankful for all the blessings 2013 has showered upon us – time together, love, family, simple pleasures.  May 2014 be as filled with blessings for all of you.   Happy new year!


18 December 2013

Not Long Now…

One more week to go before Christmas.
A couple more days of school for the kiddies.
Interim report cards from school will be out this week.
Just a few more days left to wrap all the gifts.
Tomorrow, my parents arrive for a 2-week visit.


…and then it’s Christmas!

I am not sure if I will be able to get another blog post out before then, so I’m going to greet all of you a wonderful rest-of-the-year. I wish you love, happiness, peace, and blessings galore as you celebrate this holiday season. 

10 December 2013

I love this time of the year.  I get super busy and I almost always never plan well and end up forgetting this and that, but everything seems to fall into place in the end somehow.  The kids get all excited.  The tree is up.  We’re playing Christmas carols.  I have a stash of Christmas presents all hidden away.


Er, I have not strung the lights on the tree yet.  I want to get new lights.  I want plain white lights this year and not the ‘running’ multi-color lights we have had the past few years.


The Advent calendar is up.  The kids have been getting their daily dose of “goodness advice” and their daily little gifts.  Every day when they come home from school, they rush to see what’s in the little pocket and look forward to checking out their “surprise.”


I had managed to get them little Lego figurines (Friends for Zoe; Star Wars for Josh) and they have both been on the floor making up stories and worlds for their little people.  Each day, they’d get one or two. Some days, they’d get books or little arts and crafts stuff.   It’s like a little taste of Christmas every day.  A little bit.


Please head on over to Sharon and check out her Holiday photos and follow on to check out the others in our circle celebrate their holidays.   We’d love to see your holiday pictures, too; please share them with us over at our Facebook page!

04 December 2013

We had a little sunny getaway last week… to Cebu (again and again!).  Chris had been there for over a week for a conference and it’s the longest time he had been away from us.  We decided that I would fly down with the children and meet him after his conference was over and spend the weekend there.  That kind of helped the kids not miss Daddy as much.  It helped that they had Cebu to look forward to… and all the fun they would have there and the promise of dining at one of their favorite restaurants in the resort (where there’s a chocolate fountain!).

It was nice to have a taste of summer weather again.  The kids did what they always do whenever we’re there:  swim in the pools, go up and down the slides, play at Adventure Zone, do arts and crafts, have fun at the beach.  Josh went snorkelling again, while Zoe stayed closer to shore and busied herself burying treasures for us to find.  They built sandcastles.  Josh got his fill of bacon and omelettes (with lots of cheese). Zoe got her fill of sushi.  Both had their fill of any type of dessert they fancied.  They were both begging to stay longer.

I am sure we’ll be back.  Soon.

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