28 May 2014

More Wednesday Wisdom

…because I don’t have time to come up with a proper blog post.
I want to… and I hope to have a proper one soon.
In the meantime, I leave you with this…

“Anyone who teaches me deserves my respect, honoring and attention.”
~Sonia Rumzi


Here’s hoping that the British Columbia teachers’ strike and lock-out will have a positive resolution soon.


21 May 2014

Wednesday Wisdom

You have to just relax, calm down,
take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work
rather than complain about how they're wrong.
~Tom Welling


14 May 2014

When my pen pal was here visiting, we went to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin.  I’d always wanted to check them out, but hadn’t had the chance before.  Apparently it’s not a real monastery as no monks live there and the place is run by lay people. 

We made our way there from the Sha Tin MTR station – about a 5-minute walk.  (Detailed directions on how to get there – here.)  It is a little bit of a climb to get up to the monastery itself, but with the many different golden buddhas lining the path leading to the monastery, it made for a very interesting trek.  There were signs along the way warning people against fake monks asking for money and also notices asking people to respect the place and not treat it like a park and have picnics there.



Definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the area.  Remember to have insect repellent on you, though.  The mozzies feasted on me (but D was fine, go figure!); by the time we made it to the monastery, I was scratching like crazy.  Luckily, an old man had some kind of mentholated oil and applied some to my bites.  Instant relief! 

(You can read more about the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery here.)

12 May 2014

Treasures come in all shapes and sizes.
Material treasures.
Intangible ones.
Little ordinary moments.
Special people.
These are mine….






Please head on to Suzan’s blog and check out her treasures and follow on to the next person in our circle.  We’d love to see your Treasures, too; please share them with us over at our Facebook page!

09 May 2014


I’ve been hearing about kefir for a while now, but have not had a chance to actually try it for myself.  When I heard that my friend, Lantau Mama, was running a class, I immediately signed up.  It was a great opportunity to meet up with her again (after 7 years!*) and also to finally learn what kefir is all about and how I can make my own.  (Please click through on the kefir link above to find out more about what it is.)

Water kefir-C

This (above pic) is my first go at water kefir.  It’s now fermenting, so perhaps by tomorrow noon or a bit later, I will be drinking my own homemade probiotic drink.  I’m so looking forward to sneaking some of this into popsicles for the kids.

*LM and I first met when I was pregnant with Zoe and she was pregnant with her daughter.  Our girls are two weeks apart.  Her family moved away to Beijing, but we stayed in touch –mainly through FB.  We somehow hadn’t had a chance to meet up since she came back to HK a couple of years ago… until now!

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07 May 2014

Keep Calm… Breathe.

Do you think that some people are just born with a calm disposition?  You know the ones that I am talking about.  They’re the ones who are cool as a cucumber even in the most infuriating and frustrating of circumstances.  The ones who could take a deep breath –and maybe even smile a little, –before saying, “Moving on…”


You see, I am not like that.  I want to be more like that.  Some days I think I’m getting there.  I’d like to think that I’ve mellowed.  Some days I’m proud of myself for remembering to breathe, for staying calm.  Other days, not so much.  It’s a constant struggle.  Yes, it is, but it’s something that I am determined to be –calmer, more zen.

What do you do to stay calm when the last thing you feel like is staying calm?

01 May 2014


It’s always that bit daunting to venture outside our comfort zone.  But we never know what we might be capable of until we try.


Josh had a chess tournament today.  Instead of signing him up for his category, his coach suggested that Josh sign up for the next category up –and play with older (and perhaps more experienced) kids.  I wasn’t so sure about that, but we did as he suggested.  I eventually came around and agreed that it probably would be best for Josh.  He would get the experience of playing against older players and perhaps boost his confidence should he actually win against some of them.




Well, out of a pool of 60 players in the category, Josh came in 14th.  We are all very proud of him that he did as well as he did.  There were 7 games in all and he won 3, had 2 draws (0.5 points each), and lost 2 –for a total of 4 out of 7 points.  For reference, the boy who won 1st place had a total of 6.5 points, followed by #2 with 5.5 points.  Third to 9th place winners all got 5 points; #s 10-13 each got 4.5 points. 


I think that out of all the tournaments that he’s been in so far, this is the one that he felt the best about –even though he did better in the other tournaments.  Josh felt good about himself that he took on older and better players and came away with a pretty good result overall.  


Sometimes we just need to stretch ourselves just that little bit and we might surprise ourselves with what we could actually do.


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