10 September 2014

Being Thankful {Day 1 of 5}

Accepting the ‘thankfulness challenge’ from my friend was a no-brainer.  I have to name three things that I am thankful for each day for five days.  I have so many things that I am very thankful for –big things and little things, profound things and shallow ones, too.

1- Above all else, I am thankful for my family –my husband and our children.  Every day.

2- Books.  I am thankful for books, the beauty of words on pages.  I am thankful that we have children who share our love of reading / books.

3- Laughter. Especially the gales of laughter we hear when Josh and Zoë are being silly together.




Tamar SB said...

Laughter - now that is a good thing to be thankful for!

Dina Lettre said...

A lovely list!

elizabeth said...

Sweet list and an appropriate photo to go with it!

Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely list! :)

barbara said...

Great challenge! I have to remember to make my own list...!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

LOVE LOVE Your Texture Twist, I'm sharing on your pinterest board with everyone!!

Anonymous said...

All things that make life wonderful.

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