06 October 2014

Yellow Ribbons and Umbrellas

{These photos were taken last Thursday (Oct 2). These are in no way any indication of which ‘camp’ I’m more sympathetic to in this whole affair, but are merely snapshots of what I witnessed on that day.}

We haven’t been out to the ‘hot spots’ since then.  Violence had broken out in some areas.  It has been a week since the protests first started.  I’ve been reading the news and I get updates from social media.  Photos, videos, and links are shared left and right.  It’s easy to read through a discussion thread and see valid points for both sides (both protesters and those who want the protests to stop). 

I am not solidly in one camp or the other.  I am frustrated with how close-minded some people from both camps can be –the ones who have blinders on and cannot acknowledge that both sides have points.  I am tired of reading self-righteous rhetoric and biased comments from both sides.  I don’t know what the right thing to do is, but I sure hope that the government and the protesters will do the right thing, whatever that might be, for Hong Kong to move forward.  I hope they do it soon.







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Tamar SB said...

These are beautiful. I agree with how sometimes both camps can be so closed-minded. I hope it's all resolved well for your city soon!

Dina Lettre said...

Such sweet captures!

carolina rico said...

Oh DIna.... I can relate so much to what you are leaving now... sadly, nothing has been resolved here and everyday is worse. Violence has broken so many times now, that is hard to think we will ever get back to normal. I think Hong Kong has more visibility than Venezuela, and maybe with more pressure your issues will be resolved! And in the matter of taking sides... I do think everybody should have the right to vote! (sorry,,, just my opinion!)

tinajo said...

I can imagine it´s a very complicated situation. :-/


abrianna said...

You captured some of those protests very well. I really like the umbrella shot. Be safe.

CATHY said...

I have been watching this on the news - but it is interesting to see your images - it gives me such a different feel - a more peaceful demonstration. They are beautiful. Hope it gets resolved soon.

Molly said...

I really hope this situation can be resolved without things in Hong Kong turning getting to bad. I wish the people lots of luck in their quest for democracy


NC Sue said...

I hope that there can be peaceful resolution

Viv@within the Frame said...

Thinking of you. We have been watching in the UK, I hope an agreement can be reached this standoff is no good for anyone. Your images really do show the human side rather than what we see on the BBC.

Sharon said...

Great images, but please stay safe!

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