27 February 2015


It’s this time of the year, around Chinese New Year, that we see a lot of these flowers in these colors.  Not sure if these colors are natural.  Regardless, I think the combination of this shade of red and yellow is so pretty!


25 February 2015

Me and My Mini-Me

My mini-me has decided that she likes taking pictures, too.
Every time I have the camera out lately, she would ask to borrow it.
So I hand her the point-and-shoot and let her shoot away, while I use my DSLR.
She knows her way around my DSLR, though –zooming in and out, using back-button focus.
Without instructions from anyone, she knows to move around
until she finds a good angle, until she finds good light.
I see plenty of photo walks ahead for my mini-me and me!


24 February 2015

Magnolia Mess

Magnolias in abundance.
The birds have been having a field day --
swooping down and helping themselves.
Leaving incomplete blooms.
Still beautiful, though… this mess of magnolias.


20 February 2015

Homemade Dumplings

We decided to have a hotpot dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year.  What hotpot dinner is ever complete without dumplings?  We started preparing the dumplings early afternoon (recipe here).  We used store-bought wrappers, but the we made the fillings ourselves.  Zoë loves helping out. She’s gotten pretty good at wrapping the dumplings and planted herself in the kitchen insisting on helping with everything.  Here’s one of her ‘creations.’
Here’s wishing everyone a happy Year of the Sheep!

18 February 2015

Marble Road | Old Flats

There is this stretch of road in North Point called Marble Road.  On any given day, I love walking along this road. There is so much character, so much to absorb.  A great place for people-watching.  You get  your fill of elderly people walking with their grandchildren as they go about doing their daily marketing.  You get to observe shop vendors hawking their goods.  You see the delivery people carting crates and cartons of goods and you also see the little old ladies collecting the carton boxes and flattening them to sell to recycling facilities. 

Marble Road is always bustling with activity, mainly because of the market (wet and dry goods).  The trams come through here en route to the terminus, as do cars and trucks.  Pedestrians walk in the middle of the street and just move to the side whenever they hear the ding-ding of the tram whistle. Cars and trucks crawl through here very carefully. The street is lined with little set-up shops on both sides, selling everything from socks, clothing, hair accessories, shoes to fresh vegetables and fish.  Looking up, you can see these old flats with their random window air-conditioning units and (sometimes) laundry hanging out.  Very reminiscent of old Hong Kong on the postcards, before all the modern, swanky high-rises and skyscrapers took over the cityscape.


17 February 2015

Valentine Art

Our little artist was seized by inspiration
and created these wonderful Valentine art for us.

She started with one for Josh,
because Josh, –instead of buying something for himself, --
bought her a Pikachu stuffie when he went to the CNY Fair with his class.

We all loved her ‘card’ so much that she got inspired to do more.
She made one for Daddy…
Z1---Valentine's-Day-2015-(Dad) She made another one for me…
and placed it on the floor beside my bed
for me to see when I woke from my nap.
This little girl has so much heart in her!
She painstakingly designed each one,
swapping one Sharpie for another,
making sure the colors go well together,
looking everywhere for design inspiration (she told me afterwards).
She sat at her little table designing, shading, creating.

She has to have one made for her, too…
for she is the sweetest, most wonderful daughter there is!

13 February 2015

Happy Friday

Today’s the last day of school before the Chinese New Year break starts.
One week of lazy mornings, just chilling with the kids,
play dates, sleepovers, and red laisee packets;
of greeting everyone we meet with a hearty kung hey fat choi (in Cantonese)
(or gong xi fa cai – in Mandarin);
of baking and eating cookies and cakes.
The kids are looking forward to it and so are we.


11 February 2015

09 February 2015

I love red.  This time of the year, we see lots of red about –not only because of Valentine’s Day, but also because of Chinese New Year.  I haven’t really had a chance to go out and take pictures this last week, though, what with all the activities the kids have.  So all I have at this point is an image of my potted poinsettia, leftover from Christmas.  I usually love my poinsettias red, all red, but this time, I’d opted for one in varying shades.


Please head on over and visit with Pam (her blog) to check out her RED images and then follow on through to the next one in our circle.  Once you are done visiting our circle, please check out our Facebook page and share your interpretation of our theme!

06 February 2015

A Little Happy

Look for the little ‘happy’ in every day.
Big happies are always welcome, for sure.
But don’t overlook the little happy.
Because it can grow inside you and expand
Until you feel like your heart is made up of one huge happy.


04 February 2015

Happy Wednesday

It’s been a busy week so far, but a happy one.  Yesterday was Athletics Day for Zoë and what a fun morning!  The kids all finished a mini-decathlon in 3 hours.  They all had to do a series of activities in rotation – speed bounce, shuttle run, bean bag toss, balance beam, vertical jump, etc.   All of the kids were feeling competitive and having a blast.  The event ended with a relay race for all the houses and it was so cool to see and hear the kids cheer each other on.


03 February 2015


Skippity is one of our all-time favorite games.  The beauty of the game is that it’s so simple.  You just have to capture as many sets of the skippers (one of each color) as you can.  To capture a skipper, you just have to skip over them (kind of like checkers)… and that’s it.  Simple and so much fun.  The kids love to play this.  What are some of your favorite games?


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