27 May 2015

Hidden Treasures

I was trying to clear out some of the old toys and games that the children have outgrown and found a stash that I’d bought and forgotten.  In the stash were mostly “save-for-later” games that I’d bought when the kids were much younger.  In the pile was this Alex Loop ‘N Loom.  Perfect rainy day activity (it’s been quite wet around here lately)!  Zoë had a blast weaving and made three potholders for us.





26 May 2015

My Little Artist

…hard at work
copying the book cover
of Thea Stilton and the Missing Myth.


20 May 2015

Wednesday Around the World

This week…
Bali (Indonesia).
Kids being organized
into groups
for an activity.
Lots of chattering.
Plenty of smiles.

19 May 2015

Lego Agony

I love Lego.
The kids love Lego.
I love it that they can spend hours building and
creating scenarios as they build and construct.
What I don’t like
is stepping on those tiny pieces.
Especially when I’m barefoot.


14 May 2015

This month’s theme had me stumped.  In the end, I decided to go simply with  these images that were taken between 17:00-18:00… Not very creative, no.

17:11 outside Suntec City, Singapore  |  Walking back to our hotel, I was thrilled to see that I was close enough to get a shot of these flower clusters.  We get these flowers in the summer here in Hong Kong and I love them, but I could never get close enough to get a good shot. I was so happy that I got one, even though these are in pink and not orange like the ones we have here.


17:59 in Bali, Indonesia |  Lots of people gathered at Tanah Lot in Bali to catch the sunset around 18:15 that day.


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13 May 2015

Twinkle Leaves

I did a double take when I first went past these leaves. I actually stopped and walked back for a closer look.  Aren’t these leaves lovely?  They look like they have sparkly bits of jewels at their centers.


06 May 2015

Beauty in Color and B&W

This flower has such vibrant colors, yet when stripped of the colors, its beauty still shines through. Much like a kind heart in a person. No matter if the person is wearing only tattered rags and not designer threads, if there is true beauty within, it will come through.
Yellow flower-bw (1)

(Also linking with Little Things Thursday and Black & White Wednesday).

05 May 2015

Book Recommendations, Anyone?

I’m on the last book of my reading pile and I need some good recommendations for my next book.   My most recent reads included Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins), The Rosie Project (Graeme Simsion), The Escape (David Baldacci) and Gray Mountain (John Grisham).  I am currently reading Gone Girl and am almost sure that I had read it before.  It is quite unsettling,  this finding words, settings, and turns of phrases familiar, yet not really remembering how the story pans out.  So I am just going to plow through until everything falls into place.

I would love if you would share some good titles with me.  What have you read lately that you couldn’t put down?  Which book made you look at things differently?  Which titles are easy, feel-good reads?  Are there any young adult fiction that you’d recommend?  All genres welcome!

This photo has nothing to do with the post at all.  Just a photo from our trip to the Monkey Sanctuary in Bali / Indonesia.

01 May 2015

Loom Bands Bouncy Balls

The bracelet-making frenzy is over. Our Rainbow Loom is tucked away in a corner and doesn’t get much love these days.  We have so many bands left –bags and bags of different shades of every color. I was wondering what to do with them and found out that I could make them into bouncy balls (see instructional video here).   

Zoë and I have been making these for the past couple of days.  We’ve been making use of old bracelets that she doesn’t want anymore and wrapping bands around and around them.  We sit around companionably, chatting about this and that, while our fingers flick and wound the bands around and around until we finally get a ball.  It’s quite relaxing and rather fun, as we decide which colors will go well together and will produce really cool combinations.


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