31 August 2015

Sidewalk Cafes

I still haven’t found the time to go through all the photos I took during our summer in Canada (not to mention from two summers ago!).  They’re in different SD cards and I really need to sit down and organize them better.  Now when that will happen is anyone’s guess.  

This picture below was taken on our last day in Quebec City.  I loved Quebec City!  I’d probably mentioned this before, so apologies if you already tire of hearing me say what a beautiful city it is.  It felt like I was in Europe, with all the sidewalk cafes and all the (Québécois) French I heard all around me.  I could happily stay and visit much longer than the short time we had there.


26 August 2015

The Star Ferry

To get from Hong Kong Island over to Kowloon, I would not normally choose to take the ferry.  If I know my way around and if finding parking is not such a hassle, I would drive.  If driving is not an option, the fastest way, of course, would be to take the MTR (subway train).  If I can get to the place by taking the bus (without having to change midway), that would be my first choice, though.  The Star Ferry, for me, is more of a touristy thing to do.  That, plus the fact that I don’t particularly like being on the water.

But.  I did take the Star Ferry yesterday and I have to say that I enjoyed the ride.  What’s more, the fare was only HK$2 (US$0.25)!  For anybody coming to visit Hong Kong, taking the Star Ferry across the harbor is definitely a must.



24 August 2015

It's Time to Begin...

Last night, we took both kids to their first ever live concert.  We were initially concerned that we’re taking them to a concert on a Sunday night, when there’s school the next day.  The concert wouldn’t start (if it starts on time) until 8pm and it was held about an hour away from where we live.  We decided to go anyway, because (1) it’s Imagine Dragons (!) and (2) we all love their music.  I am so glad we did. 

The concert was simply all kinds of awesome.  There was no front act.  They simply came out and sang their hearts out for 1.5 hours.  From the get-go, we were all on our feet, singing along.  They sang many of their hits and quite a number of songs from their latest album, Smoke + Mirrors.

At first, Josh was a bit embarrassed that his parents were acting like teenagers –cheering and singing along, as one does at awesome concerts! –but he soon started singing along with gusto as well.  Both Josh and Zoë were both more knowledgeable about the songs and lyrics than either Chris or me!  I had to check a couple of times with them the titles of the songs that were being played. 

It was so cool to have been able to share this experience with both Josh and Zoë.  Who knows how many more concerts we can take them before they would prefer going to them with their friends instead.

2015-08-24 00.37.39
2015-08-23 22.18.25
Imagine Dragons

19 August 2015

Back to School

School has started this week and slowly we’re getting back into a routine of sorts.  Early dinner, earlier bedtimes. 

The kids have reported back that their first two days of school had been fun.  Zoë is proud to be an Upper School kid now and Josh is looking forward to making this his best year in this school before he moves on to middle school (a different campus). 

The ‘Meet the Teacher’ night has been scheduled for next week and I’m really looking forward to it.   Problem is that as both kids are now in Upper School, I cannot be at both classes at the same time.   Either Chris comes with me to attend one, while I attend the other or if he’s going to be away on a trip, I might have to miss one (or spend half the time in one and move on to the other class for the final half of the other).  It used to be that I could attend the Lower School one first and then go attend the Upper School one, which is scheduled right after.

The only thing that needs to get sorted out now are their after-school activities.  Depending on what school clubs there will be and what days of the week they fall, I think I’m all set for this school year.


17 August 2015

Fun With Math

When asked what my favorite subject was in school, you would never have gotten Math as an answer.  I had a love-and-hate relationship with mathematics. There were math subjects where I barely passed and there were those where I did very well, where –dare I say it? –I absolutely enjoyed myself.  One of my favorite math subjects was Geometry.  Of all, I had the most fun with that.  

J loves math and I thought that he might enjoy doing some geometry with me.  So far, so good.  I get to re-discover and re-learn and it’s coming back to me –how much fun I had with geometry.


What was your favorite math subject?

12 August 2015

Old Quebec

Quebec City has got to be one of my favorite places to visit.  There were moments when I actually forgot that I was in Canada.  The sidewalk cafes, the street performers, French everywhere… I loved it.  I clocked the 16,000+ steps in one day, just walking down the streets of the Old Quebec!  My feet were tired, but I was so ready for another go the next day.


11 August 2015

Master Chef

I’ve discovered Master Chef / Master Chef Junior.  Those kids are unbelievably amazing –the way they know their way around the kitchen and how creative they are.  Wow, just wow.  I can’t get enough of the series and am working my way back through each season.  I’ve finished Season 4 and 5 and am now on Season 3 of Master Chef.  Down to the last three home chefs; who’s it going to be?  Sorry, got to run and go watch!


The Citadel (Quebec City)Citadel-(1)

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05 August 2015

Montreal Metro

We’re slowly getting over jet lag.  The kids are enjoying the last week and a bit of their summer holiday before school starts again.  I am trying to get things back on track, catch up on errands, and go through our vacation photos, a little bit at a time.

Here’s one from one of the metro stations in Montreal, taken with my phone.  These days, I get a bit lazy about lugging my big girl camera with me.


03 August 2015

I'm Back!

Yes, I have been missing in action for a whole month… but I am back!  We have been on holidays visiting with the cousins in Canada.  We did an Ottawa – Quebec City – Montreal road trip to start things off and then just hung around in Toronto for the duration of our stay.

The cousins mostly broke off into two camps –the boys and the girls.  During our holiday, it seemed that we'd gained a daughter as Zoë and Miss K were like two peas in a pod and they would ride together with us.  We barely got to see Josh as he hung out with the boy cousins and rode with them in their car.  The only times he would check in with us were mainly at night when he would come to say goodnight and in the morning, when he would come to shower,  get a change of clothes, and brush teeth!

Back in Toronto, they basically had a sleepover every night, with all of them sleeping together down in the basement taking turns on mattresses and sleeping bags.  It just warms the heart to see how much fun they were having together.

We hope to continue doing this –i.e., getting all the cousins together every year, –for as long as we can.  We all look forward to the summer every year and the kids talk about it all the time –more and more as the school year draws to an end.  Everybody gets so excited and when they see each other, they pick right up where they left off.


Till next summer…

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