16 March 2016


Is there anything that you love , anything for which you have a fine appreciation, but don’t know how to do / are not  very good at?  For me, it’s tennis and spoken word

I love watching tennis matches and for a while back, I could recite stats, name the players, etc.  I don’t watch as much and I don’t really follow the tournaments and matches anymore, but if a game happens to be on, I’d pause and watch.  I’m not good at tennis.  Not at all. I don’t remember when or how my love for tennis began.

Same with spoken word.  I absolutely love spoken word, especially Sarah Kay’s. I could sit and listen for hours. I marvel at how she can so cleverly weave words together so beautifully and ‘perform’ in such a way that draws the audience into the worlds that she had created with mere words.  I dabble in poetry when the mood suits me, but my poems are for private consumption, not for public sharing –not on my blog and certainly not to be performed.



Tamar SB said...

I'm sure your poems are wonderful!

likeschocolate said...

Her books are good. Have a lovely week!

CountryMouse said...

There are many things I like but would love to be better at.

Lisa Kerner said...

I bet your poems are beautiful... you should share some here.

Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

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