06 April 2016

Spring...Wait, Is It?

It had been a rather cold winter (record low temperature for around here).  While I love the cold, I have to say that I kind of was looking forward to warmer weather, just a tad warmer. I want to be able to wear flipflops again.  I want to be able to put away the heater. I want the bulky winter clothes in storage already.   

I seem to have gotten my wish.  This Monday saw us out in shorts and tees.  Not only is the weather warmer, though, it has also gotten quite muggy.  Away with the heaters, but now the dehumidifiers are going full blast.  I hope we'll see some nice spring weather, before summer hits us.  I don't want to head straight into summer without some proper, lovely spring weather!

On the bright side, I am seeing plenty of flowers on my walks and my favorite harbingers of spring --the bombax ceiba, -- are in bloom!

Has spring sprung for you yet?

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Tamar SB said...

We had a fairly mild for Boston winter (compared to last winter) with 60s among the usual 30s. And now spring is snowed in...oy!

Dina Lettre said...

So glad it's warming up there!

Pieni Lintu said...

Wow, that's a lovely tone of green!!!

Erica Sta said...

Love the time of spring... A lovely capture.

Amy Franks said...

us kiwis just about live in our flip flops except we call them jandals, don't know why lol we just do :-)

Anonymous said...

Pretty flower. We've been fairly cold here too. Hope you warm up soon!

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