13 December 2016

Christmas rolls around and it's a sweet time to give a little gift as a 'thank you' to the teachers.  As with the previous year, Z made these potholders to give out to hers.  She was very into it --picking out the colors and diligently weaving them every chance she got.  I think it's more meaningful that she creates / makes the presents herself (or buys something with money that she herself had saved up), rather than me buying the presents on her behalf and she just hands them over to her teachers.

My mom is placing orders for more and Z had also promised to make me more for our own use.  

06 December 2016

It's now December and I can still go out wearing sleeveless tops.  The temps are still in the low 20's. Somehow it doesn't feel like winter yet.  At the rate this is going, there's a big possibility that we might go through this winter without me having to pull out our winter stuff!  I haven't decided yet whether I'm thrilled about this.

Are you in seeing / feeling winter yet?

Singwa - Wed, 07 Dec 2016

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