21 June 2017

w e d n e s d a y.... one-pot meals

Hurray for one-pot meals!  Josh and Zoe have been taking turns to make one meal for the family each week.  So far, we've been sticking with one-pot meals, which are easier for them to do. Josh did a fantastic job the week before with his cilantro lime chicken rice. We've modified the recipe a bit to use chicken thighs instead of breasts and added in way more cilantro than was called for.  This was so, so good, believe me!  The cilantro and lime combo was so refreshing and the avocado lime sauce was simply divine.  For sure, this dish is going to be part of our regular go-to menu.

Zoe's turn last week saw her make something similar --one-pot lemon herb chicken rice. Just very slightly different from what Josh made, but oh, just as yummy!  The aroma from the kitchen, as she was making it, was just heavenly.  The Italian seasoning and the lemony tang ...oooh. We all had second helpings (well, in Josh's case, thirds!); it was that good! 

Singwa - Wed, 21 Jun 2017

We got both recipes from Le Creme de la Crumb and it's fast becoming our go-to site for easy-to-make, super delicious dishes!

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Tamar SB said...

I have loved watching this adventure on FB! These recipes sound so good!

Ruth Rieckehoff said...

Love the look of these dishes. We enjoy getting the cilantro rice from a local Peruvian joint. But, I am going to try my own. Thanks for sharing the recipes' source.

Jill Harrison said...

yum! looks delicious. I will be going over to the site to grab the recipe. Happy one-pot-Wednesdays!

Sharon said...

I love how you are letting your kids cook for the family. I wish I loved to cook -- maybe if I had started in younger I would have been more into it!

Erica Sta said...

Indeed it looks delicious. I must try this recipe!
Heidrun XO

Lydia C. Lee said...

They look great! And not too much mess!

Pea bea said...

Seems like you have some real chefs in the making. They are doing good, and they both look delicious. Look forward to their next dishes. :)

Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

Molly said...

That looks delicious and I am big fan of lemon


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