24 April 2018

I showed you bits of Singapore in black and white last week.  Here is the Lion City this week -- in color this time!

1) The Cloud Forest Conservatory at Gardens by the Bay.  I think if you visit only one place in Singapore, this has to be it.  A very cool (figuratively and literally) respite from the Singapore heat.  It's like stepping in to a different dimension. Cool mists, beautiful greens all around.

2) Marina Bay.  It is such a beautiful area around here.  This is just across from the Gardens by the Bay.  In this complex, you have the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum, as well as countless high-end boutiques and shops inside the mall.

3) Peranakan Place.  I love this place. It has kept the look and feel of the early shophouses from years past.

4/5)  Orchard Road.  The main shopping thoroughfare. 

No post about Singapore is ever complete without featuring some of its food.  Below is Singapore laksa... my mouth waters just thinking about it! It's slightly spicy, coconut-y and just all kinds of yummy.

Clockwise from upper top left:  Hainanese chicken rice, pasta carbonara, popiah, rojak
You cannot go to Singapore and not try Hainanese chicken rice. You can easily get it at the hawker centers or food courts around town.  The pasta is in there only because Z insisted on getting it.  No other reason.  Popiah --my favorite of the four featured here. I can have it every meal!  Rojak - my hubby loves it. I think it's an acquired taste.

Would you try one of these dishes?  Which one/s?

16 April 2018

Apologies for having been missing in action last week.  We went on a very last-minute trip to Singapore.  Hubby had a business trip there and the kiddies and I jumped at the chance to join him there.  We have been to Singapore a few times and it's always a fun (and may I add easy to get around and safe) place to explore alone with the kids while hubby's at work.  We decided that this trip is mainly an 'eating' trip --to try out local eats at hawker centers.  Apart from Z's request to go to Gardens by the Bay again, we also agreed to check out places we'd never gone to on past visits.

A "supertree" at Gardens by the Bay

Getting around, we mainly took the MRT.  I tell the kids where we're going and I get them to navigate and decide which line we should take and where we should get off.  They did rather well!  

We explored Little India and stopped by for lunch at the Tekka Centre where we had a great mutton biryani (for only SGD6 / USD4.6!) and a bunch of paratha with different types of curry sauces.  We all had either barley juice or fresh coconut juice to go with our food.  The entire meal was under USD9 --all our food + the drinks!

Somewhere in Little India

Z did some research on where she wanted to go prior to our visit and she had the ArtScience Museum on her list.  As it was in the same area, we went to the museum after our visit to the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay.  Because we didn't have time to visit all three exhibits, we chose to do only Future World and Art from the StreetsFuture World was amazing, but could be more, I thought.  We came to the end of the exhibit and were thinking, "Was that it?"  Following from our art crawl from a couple of weeks back, we decided to check out the Art from the Streets exhibit and were not disappointed.  Really interesting curation.  

One of the Future World digital installations:  "Crows," a four-minute animation that was quite mesmerizing (but made me a bit dizzy!)

Of course no trip to Singapore is ever complete without stopping by Irvin's to get our stock of salted egg chips and T2, my tea haven (and heaven)!  I have stocked up on a year's worth of tea, I think.  But now that Z has taken a liking to some of my tea, I might have to re-stock sooner!

What's happening in your neck of the woods this April?

02 April 2018

I've seen some really cool wall art around town during some jaunts with friends, but did not know that there is actually an annual street art festival (HK Walls) that's responsible for most of these.  Each spring a district is chosen to feature the artwork.  Here are a few of my favorites from this year's batch. I've included where each is located in case you ever find yourself wanting to do an art crawl and hunt for these.

1) This one was outside Burger Joys (LG/F, Tai Yik House, 27-29 First St, Sai Ying Pun).  The artist (Bo Law | Hong Kong) was still at work on this last Wed when my friend and I went, but was finished by Sat when we took the kids back.  So much detail in this one and the artist was carefully drawing each in with a paint marker!  Amazing work.

2) One of my favorites of the lot, hands down.  This one is by Gus Eagleton (Australia) and can be found on 12 Third Street (Sai Ying Pun).  Very "iconically" Hong Kong, this one --the man, the overlay of graffiti (of local "for rent" ads that one generally sees posted on walls around certain parts of town).  You could tell a lot of work went into this one, as opposed to a couple that we'd seen that were just meh.

3) My friend and I had missed this one on Wed, but my husband was a much better navigator and was able to find this one (La Cabane Wine Cellar - 97 Hollywood Road).  Artist:  ONEQ (Japan).

4) Another one of my favorites.  This one is by the side wall of Lush (21A-21B Lyndhurst Terrace, Central).  When we were there on Wed, the artist (Elsa Jean de Dieu | France/HK) was up sitting on the scaffolding working on the piece.  Though finished, the scaffolding was still up on Sat morning we were there with the kids. I love that the bubbles she incorporated into this piece ties in (a bit!) with what Lush sells (bath bombs, etc.).

5) The artists (Carol Mui and Rebecca T. Lin | HK) were still at work on this as of last Sat noon time.  I want to go back to the Naked Hub (Universal Building, 5-13 New St, Sheung Wan) for a look at the finished product just to see. I bet this one will be amazing once finished.

6)  This one by Dan Kitchener blew me away.  Just look at it... the colors, the details, the vibrance.  (The Globe - 45-53A Graham Street, Central)

7)  On a side wall of Stazione Novella (52-56 Staunton Street, Central).  I love how the art seems to just pop out at you.  Artist: Cinta Vidal | Spain

8)  Another one near Burger Joys (see #1 above).  I love how the artist (Sik1 | China) made his art relevant by tying the theme to a nearby business establishment.

9)  Alex Senna (Brazil) is the only artist in the group who has been commissioned to do two walls in this year's festival.  What an interesting choice for this low and very long wall!

We had a really fun day with the kids walking around Central, Sheung Wan, and Sai Ying Pun looking for different street art.  Kind of like a scavenger hunt.  I've included here only the ones that are part of HK Walls 2018, but there are quite a number of other wall art from previous festivals and/or from artists freely 'sharing' their art.

What do you think?

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