25 September 2018

Up and Running

Hong Kong was hit with a super typhoon two Sundays ago (Typhoon Mangkhut).  We knew it was coming and that it was strong.  We've had typhoons with a Signal 10 rating before. We've had typhoons that rattled and shook the huge panes of our windows. The kids had experienced typhoons that closed schools.  They look forward to those!  This is the first one, though, where they actually wished that they're in school instead and not have to be so worried about how much damage the typhoon will wreak.  This is the first typhoon where I was genuinely scared.  The building where we live was swaying (I later learned that it's actually meant to sway with strong winds, on rollers or something to better protect against strong winds and earthquakes).  Facebook and WhatsApp were full of videos and pictures of the damage --windows smashed, (construction) cranes bent, roofs blown off, big trees uprooted, floods, debris all over the place. 

Typhoon 10 was hoisted for 10 hours, after which it went down to T8 for a few more hours, before being downgraded further.  The kids were off school for three days, on account of felled trees blocking the roads, etc.  We took advantage of those days to go to a nearby neighborhood and help clean-up.  

We couldn't help much with the felled trees and the big branches, but we helped where we could. There were so much styrofoam pieces, big and small, that had been blown in from the sea.  From afar, they looked like white pebbles, but it was staggering  how much styrofoam pieces there were.  The kids, together with a few of their fellow Scouts and schoolmates set about gathering all these foam pieces into trash bags.  We came prepared with gloves and tongs.  Over two days (two hours each day), the kids managed to gather close to 15 big trash bags full of foam pieces, plastic bottles, some glass shards, and just general rubbish.

What was great, though, was seeing people pitch in where they could.  When we were there, there were other people doing the same thing. There were people going around offering bottles of water, offering trash bags. Residents passing by expressed their appreciation for the help.  There was great community spirit.

It is this community spirit and Hong Kong's can-do attitude that got the city up and running in no time. Considering the intensity of the typhoon and the devastation that it wrought, the government and the people, in general, plowed on and things are chugging along as best they can. But for some big trees / branches and debris on the roadsides yet to be collected, it's business as usual now.

12 September 2018

Life Is Like a Camera

Nothing of note seems to be going on, but for some reason, I've been busy.  Life has gone back to "normal" mode, I guess.  Kids are back in school, after-school activities have started, Scouts are back in session, errands galore...  Same old, same old.

Singwa - Wed, 12 Sep 2018

04 September 2018

Zoe's Art

Once in a while, Z gets in a mood for drawing.  She has stopped having art lessons for about 2-3 years now, but it's great to see that she hasn't lost interest altogether.  She would sometimes browse through Pinterest and get inspired and out will come her set of pens and she'd set herself down for an hour or so of quietly drawing.

She's the only one among us who is really into drawing. Maybe she gets it from my mom and dad...  In any case, I love her drawings.  She's come a long way from the little stick figures that she would draw when she was little.

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